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Our livery is provided with individual attention in small groups of mares on well maintained pasture. We do eveything possible to keep the mares happy and relaxed to optimise conception and aim to have your mare here for the minimum amount of time to reduce costs.

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Semen will be sent via The Royal Mail Special delivery service guaranteed by 9 am Tuesday to Friday. Deliveries on Saturday can now be arranged and guaranteed.

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Equine Artificial Insemination requires a much higher level of veterinary input than natural service as it is necessary to accurately predict or detect ovulation so that insemination can be performed at the optimal time.

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The Stud will be open from mid March to mid August each year.

Millfield Stud Stallions are tested free from CEM.
All mares to be covered by Millfield Stud Stallions will be served using AI at no additional cost to ensure the safety and well being of the mare and the stallions.