Livery Charges

Livery Charges 2021
Our livery is provided with individual attention in small groups of mares on well maintained pasture. We do everything possible to keep the mares happy and relaxed to optimise conception and aim to have your mare here for the minimum amount of time to reduce costs.

Visiting mares are welcome from the 1st March each year, but will be accepted on full livery with restricted turnout but will be exercised on the horse walker and/ or loose schooled until suitable weather conditions allow full turnout.

Grass livery is usually available from the 1st May onwards but depending on the ground conditions this date may be altered slightly. If conditions are as wet as they have been then grass livery may become unavailable and barn livery will be become applicable.

Grass Livery - 24 hour turnout

Mare £10.50 inc VAT per day / £73.50 per week
Mare & Foal £12.50 inc VAT per day / £87.50 per week

Barn Livery - for empty mares in pairs or small suitable groups with ad lib haylage in pens with some turnout if ground conditions permit.

Mare £14.00 inc VAT / £98 per week

Full Livery - stabled or foaling pens inc ad lib haylage and all feed.Box rest/ individual turnout/ exercise as required, rug changes and grooming.

Mare £22.00 inc VAT per day
Mare & Foal £25.00 inc VAT per day


A limited amount of Mares are taken for foaling only if they have been to the stud for covering or are to be covered at the stud after foaling. The foaling boxes are monitored by CCTV & the mares wear foaling alarms and are cared for as our own. Mares should arrive at the stud, idealy 4 weeks prior to birth and will be on full livery with paddock turn out as appropriate.

Mare and foal will be checked after birth by the vet and an IGG test will be done on the foal to ensure adequate colostrum has been had. Foals will be routinely given a course of oral antibiotics for added peace of mind. This is included in the price

Mare for foaling: full livery. £ 22.00 inc VAT per day
Foaling fee £300 inc VAT
Fees after foaling as above

Handling Fees for Mares for AI or Embryo Transfer

For insemination to be carried out at the stud with fresh, chilled, frozen semen or for ET from any stallion based anywhere in the UK or Europe the rates for visiting mares are as above plus a handling fee of £75 inc VAT for fresh/chilled/  and £100 inc VAT for frozen per cycle.This is for the liason with the semen suppliers, insemination and for the out of hours scanning.

Handling fees are not charged if using a Millfield Stud stallion.

The costs for ET are the same plus an additional small handling fee depending on the amount of recipient mares and who is supplying them. Please call to discuss ET rates.


Mares and foals can be taken for weaning as per the livery rates above and must be arranged well in advance of weaning time to ensure suitable groups of companions are available whilst still at grass. We can not take foals for weaning once they are inside for winter.

Weaning fee £150 inc VAT
Foals at grass after weaning £7.50 inc VAT per day
Foals stabled after weaning £10.00 inc VAT per day

Other Livery

Mares and youngstock can sometimes be taken on a permanent full livery basis, or whilst owners are away, or for schooling livery. Please contact us for further details.

Feed: Hard feed is included in the full livery rates. Mares or foals at grass that require hard feed will be charged extra.

Worming and Farrier: Mares and foals will be wormed when appropriate and charged accordingly. Farrier charges will be charged direct.

Payment Terms: All stud fees to be paid on arrival of mare or prior to dispatch of semen

VAT is included at the current rate

To discuss any special requirements please telephone the stud.