Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Stud will be open from mid March to mid August each year.

Millfield Stud Stallions are tested free from CEM. 
All mares to be covered by Millfield Stud Stallions will be served using AI at no additional cost to ensure the safety and well being of the mare and the stallions.

Mares using visiting stallions at Millfield will also be served using AI but will be subject to a collection fee of  60 inc VAT per cycle

All mares must be swabbed at home and the clean certificate brought to stud or on arrival at the stud.
It is now a requirement that all mares that have been recently imported within the last 12 months or are a high risk are EVA tested/vaccinated prior to being mixed with other horses. Mares will be checked on arrival at stud before being turned out with others.
It is preferable that mares are vaccinated against flu and tetanus and recommend that they are insured.
All mares to be wormed prior to arrival and will then be wormed regularly thereafter.

The stud fees must be paid on arrival of the Mare. Livery and other charges must be paid in full 7 days before the Mares departure unless paying cash.
Mares must be collected within 7 days of being scanned in foal or the livery charges will be doubled

Passports must accompany all mares.

Covering certificates will be issued to mare's owners when all accounts have been paid in full.

Live foal Guarantee. If the mare is not in foal or does not produce a live foal (or one which dies within 48 hours of birth), she will be eligible for a free return next season. The stud must be notified as soon as possible of their being no live foal. Collection charges will apply the following season at  60 inc VAT per cycle for mares at stud, plus the relevant vet fees and livery.

Mares and foals whilst at the Stud receive every possible care, attention and supervision. Veterinary assistance is called in when deemed necessary and is chargeable to the owner. All mares are served at their owner's risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, damage or loss caused through trying to or inseminating any mare.

The Stud reserves the right to refuse any Mare they consider dangerous to themselves or others.

Any Mares, especially those with foals at foot, which the stud considers need stabling due to adverse weather conditions though normally at grass, will be stabled and the owner charged accordingly.PLEASE SEE LIVERY CHARGES

Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer
Mares are also taken for artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen from other stallions in the UK or anywhere in Europe.
Embryo transfer is also available and recipient mares can sometimes be supplied.
BEVA. DEFRA qualified A.I. technician available at the stud.

Blacksmith - Shoes
All mares will be trimmed as necessary and the Farriers charge will be invoiced to the owners on collection of the Mare. Any mare with brittle feet may be left shod in front if necessary.

Veterinary Surgeons
Aireworth Vets, Aireworth Road, Keighley. Tel: 01535 602988. www.aireworthvets.co.uk

Vets packages are available or charges can be made on a per scan basis etc. (please note - Work other than routine stud work (e.g. Treatment for chronic infertility, accidents and illness, sedation etc) are not included in the vets package and will be billed separately).

Vets packages to be paid on arrival of mare directly to the vets.