Vets Fees

Vets Fees 2021
Equine Artificial Insemination
Equine Artificial Insemination requires a much higher level of veterinary input than natural service as it is necessary to accurately predict or detect ovulation so that insemination can be performed at the optimal time.

We run our British Equine Veterinary Association Approval AI Centre at Millfield Stud, Nr. Settle. With on site lab, excellent handling facilities, experienced and conscientious staff to handle mares and liquid nitrogen storage for semen. We have several vets with AI expertise and all the equipment necessary for modern stud practice.

It may be advisable to arrange a pre-breeding assessment of the mare before firm plans are formulated with respect to any AI program. A pre-breeding assessment should be performed when the mare is in season and includes a manual examination of the vagina and cervix, a rectal examination, an ultrasound examination of the tubular tract and the ovaries and the collection and examination of a cervical smear. Cost £ 64.71+ VAT + Visit.

AI Vet Plans - 2021
To enable mare owners to budget for the costs of using AI we offer a range of Vet Plans that cover the costs of standard interventions and examinations.

For Chilled semen
£255 + VAT (£306.00) To cover ONE heat period (cycle). £206.67 +VAT (£248) to cover each subsequent cycle

For Frozen Semen
£363.34 + VAT (£436) To cover ONE heat period (cycle).
£262.50 + VAT (£315) For each subsequent cycle.

Fresh Semen (Millfield Stud Stallion)
£280+ VAT (£336) for the season. ( To Cover THREE heat Periods)

All vetplans are subject to Livery & handling fees as charged by Millfield Stud directly. THESE CAN BE SEEN UNDER LIVERY CHARGES

Vet Plans

A vet plan covers the cost of examining your mare as often as required to ensure she is inseminated at the optimum time and pregnancy scans at about 14,28 and 42 days. Vetplans do not cover the costs of investigation or treatment of infertility, endometritis, twin reductions, accidents, illness or injury.

If your mare requires sedation to allow examinations to be carried out safely, this will be charged separately.

Millfield Stud AI Centre
Millfield Stud near Settle, is a BEVA approved AI centre with facilities for handling mares safely and an on site Lab for the preparation and evaluation of semen and rapid evaluation of cervical smears. Sue Jagger and Brian Thomson who have many years experience of dealing with brood mares and AI programs, manage the yard. All the mares are given careful individual attention.

Handling Fees
A handling charge of £75inc VAT for chilled semen and £100 for frozen ( to include full livery at the time of insemination) per heat period will apply to cover assistance with the numerous veterinary examinations / inseminations, scans and liaison with semen agents etc.

A collection/insemination charge of £75 inc Vat per heat period will apply to non resident stallions standing at Millfield Stud

Payment of Fees
If mare owners are using one of the above AI Vet Plans then payment must be made in full at or before the first examination. Owners of mares and foals visiting Millfield Stud must settle their livery and handling bills before the mare is collected to return home.