The highs and lows of breeding

As another year ends we can look back on the season, the highs and lows!

We foaled safely, 24 super foals of our own and clients. Sadly though this year we have lost 2 foals, one of our own shortly after birth due to a infection from his dam and another at 4 months old due to colic. Having never lost any foals for over 14 years it is not easy to deal with. We have also had a poor year with getting mares in foal which has meant we only have 7 due in 2018 of our own. We have also had to say goodbye to some of our old girls too, which is so hard when they have been with us for so long.

So now to the highs! We have sold all our foals from this year proving the market in the UK for quality foals is now on the up, in our opinion. We sold 2 at the prestigious Bolesworth auction for substantial sums to foreign buyers, again proving the mare makes the difference! 

We have competed at some super well organised shows including Liverpool International, Blue Chip and Bolesworth with Millfield Cascade and seen some of our other Millfield horses competing at the highest levels too with top riders such as Shane Breen and John Whitaker! 

We look forward to 2018 and hope we have more highs and fewer lows